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Besides the three types of classical bread the Aia Vecchia bakery also offers its customers a variety of selected products which combine the characteristics of Frignano’s food culture with today’s nutritional demands and always respects quality and genuineness. 
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Castagneto Crescentina

For some time now Crescentina, which undoubtedly characterises the Modena Apennines, has been exported outside the boundaries and is known by the name Tigella. Market demands down the years have meant that the company has had to make packed and ready-to-use crescentine, at times misrepresenting the essence and the quality. First and foremost it is the Forno Aia Vecchia’s commitment to recapture the antique flavours and offer them to a new, young and modern market that wants substance and fast food while recognising and not forgoing quality and eating well.

Castagneto Tigella

Castagneto Tigella

Miniature Castagneto Crescentina

Miniature Castagneto Crescentina.

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