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Products to cook

Besides the three types of classical bread the Aia Vecchia bakery also offers its customers a variety of selected products which combine the characteristics of Frignano’s food culture with today’s nutritional demands and always respects quality and genuineness. 
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Dough for Crescentine\tigelle\gnocchi\pizza

The crescentine dough does the oven proud as do all the other products, thanks to the appreciation of consumers, underlining the excellent texture which makes it easy to handle and cook perfectly in any season even if you are not a great cook! The Castagneto crescentine dough can be cooked in different ways: with cottole (special long handled cooking discs i.e. cast iron, terracotta), fire-resistant griddles or tigelliere of all shapes and sizes.
What’s more, our loyal consumers suggest using it to make delicious pizzas, flat breads, fried gnocchi, appetizers…. but as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Gnocchi to fry

Gnocchi dough to fry, in 24 pc packs.

Ready to cook crescentine

The ready-to-cook crescentine are made with the same dough used for crescentine, maintaining all the characteristics.
The only difference is that when you get home you open the packet and cook them yourself!

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