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The Forno Aia Vecchia is located in the centre of Castagneto, (in the suburbs 7 km from the municipality of Pavullo nel Frignano, in the Modena Apennines) a small family business set up in the spring of 2006 and  based on family values, choices and hard work. The years since have witnessed a considerable growth in production and the company now employs 5 people who make bread, biscuits, crescentine and a whole host of other products with complete dedication and love.
The link with the origins, values and tradition are the company’s strong points - easily seen in each single stage of the process: from research on wheat and other raw materials up to in-house management of the process.
The bread is made by hand and cooked for nearly an hour in the ecological steam oven that bakes slowly and healthily, giving us lighter and more easily digestible products.
The Forno Aia Vecchia is centred on environmental sustainability which can even be seen by the construction of the building itself: beautifully made in stone, it used to be a cowshed and barn.
Even the interiors have been amazingly and skilfully rendered to comply with the restructuring laws established for old buildings, particular attention being given to the liveable conditions of the rooms which are spacious, healthy and bright.
Whoever works here or simply passes through can enjoy all the splendour of the mountain view; the colours, fresh air and the peacefulness of the countryside.
Besides the actual workshop where all the baked products are made, there is also a small shop where one can buy bread, biscuits, pasta, crescentine as well as delicious cakes, tasty pizzas and flat bread on sale only in this Castegneto shop.
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