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Besides the three types of classical bread the Aia Vecchia bakery also offers its customers a variety of selected products which combine the characteristics of Frignano’s food culture with today’s nutritional demands and always respects quality and genuineness.  
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Country-style loaf

Tasty and fibre rich, with the typical mountain shape, the Country-style Loaf is undoubtedly the product that most characterises the exclusive “Forno Aia Vecchia” brand.
Ideal to slice and enjoy with stews and all main meals generally.
It remains soft inside and crunchy on the outside for more than three days by simply keeping it in its bag.

Grandma’s Roll

The Panino Bianco della Nonna (Grandma’s White Roll) is to eat with your meal but may also be enjoyed at any time of the day; nourishing but light and with no waste.

Grandma’s Roll, packed

Grandma’s White Roll, packed

Grandma’s White Bread, packed

Grandma’s White Bread, packed.

Grandma's White Bread

Pane Bianco della Nonna (Grandma’s White Bread), the so called “classical home-made bread” of this mountain district, comes in three different sizes so it can be eaten with your meal at any time of the day; nourishing but light and with no waste.

Insipid Roll, packed

Insipid Roll, packed

Twice proved bread

Twice proved Bread is a challenge to the concept that dietary products are also necessarily rather unpleasant to taste. Despite the fact it is made with absolutely no fat or salt, this bread – also called Insipid – is truly appetising.
Twice Proved Bread has all the characteristics and fragrances of yesterday’s bread: it is, as already said, appetising and crunchy too besides being good for you. Insipid Bread, besides the health aspect, for those who dare it is best savoured with cold cuts, cheese and soups.

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