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Cakes - other things sweet

Besides the three types of classical bread the Aia Vecchia bakery also offers its customers a variety of selected products which combine the characteristics of Frignano’s food culture with today’s nutritional demands and always respects quality and genuineness. 
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Bread pudding

Bread pudding.

Castagneto Biscuits

Real eggs, real butter, real flour and a pinch of real lemon zest … hand made by real hands that roll out the dough with a rolling pin and cut them one by one: these are Grandma’s Biscuits.
Eaten at breakfast, mid morning or mid afternoon, the Forno Aia Vecchia biscuits provide energy without putting on the pounds, guaranteeing a healthy and well balanced diet, especially for children.

S. Lorenzo Cake

Chocolate and almond cake.

Spelt Biscuits

Spelt Biscuits.

Tagliatelle cake

Tagliatelle cake.


Black cherry and plum tarts.

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