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What’s important
Today’s bread ... yesterday’s bread

The bread of Castagneto derives from 
persistence, perseverance 
not to mention care and attention 
and a long cook.
It is also tradition, 
courage and intuition, made 
from wheat flour, 
pure clear water 
and just the right proofing.
The bread of Castagneto, 
and yesterday’s:
peasantry used to eat it 
for three days or more ...
it is always good and wholesome 
which is why you chose it too. 
The Aia Vecchia bakery takes us back to the past
with flavours, smells and sensations 
on today’s table,
aiming at pleasing our taste buds.
It is wholesome
and an excuse to have the 
family get together or
to be with friends
in a time 
that has not changed the important things.

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